For over 75 years we have been coloring your world

For over 75 years we have been coloring your world

Mission & Vision

ICRO is a benchmark company for the production and supply of paints and coating systems to professionals and large industries operating in the wood, metal and plastic sectors.

Our keyword is innovation: every day we are committed to the research, development and application tests of new formulas, characterized by high levels of performance, high quality standards and the utmost respect for the environment, with a production strictly made in Italy. Thanks to a flexible and modern organization, in line with changes in the market and in production techniques, ICRO wants to establish itself as the partner of excellence for every reality working with wood, metal and plastic, through an efficient and quality service and a line of products always up to expectations.

Made in Italy

ICRO is an international reality, but our production remains firmly anchored to the Italian territory and defined by the standards of excellence of Made in Italy.

The head offices in Bergamo and Venice are specialized in the production of wood, metal and plastic coatings, while the branches in Spain and Portugal directly address foreign customers to promptly meet their requirements. The plants use the most modern technologies and adopt rigorous organizational models to guarantee the highest level of efficiency and quality, thanks to the optimization of resources, the reduction of waste and the control of the entire process from a single operations centre. Our modern laboratories monitor all aspects of production every day, from the quality control of raw materials to the monitoring of the production of each individual batch, to protect and guarantee the end user.


Since 1993 ICRO has implemented a quality management system in accordance with the evolution over time of the UNI EN ISO 9001 standard for Research, Development, production and sale of enamels, special paints, dyes and auxiliaries for the furniture and wood industry.

Thanks to the constant attention to environment and paintings quality ICRO has successfully obtained and maintained an environmental management system up to the certification UNI EN ISO 14001:201

In 2009 ICRO also obtained the certification of its safety management system. In compliance with the UNI ISO 45001 standard.

Our laboratories collaborate with the main international certification authorities for research and testing in the wooden-furniture sector.



ICRO COATINGS, an acronym for “Industrie Chimiche Riunite Orobie”, was founded in Bergamo immediately after the war by Carlo Moltrasio, the very first productions was phenolic resin, used as an anti-corrosive agent, and metal paints for the army.


Wood Varnishes

During the following reconstruction wave and economic development, ICRO started the production of wood coatings under the Didoné brand. Since the early years, ICRO has been concentrated on the formulation of high quality coatings by investing in research and technology.



The quality of Made in Italy is internationally recognized and began the first foreign exports to Yugoslavia and Bulgaria. Polyester technology revolutionizes the world of wood coating, ICRO is already one of the leaders in the sector and to protect the benchmark create and registered the brand ESTERLAC, specific for polyester products.

Years ’70/80

A new production

Significant extensions are carried out at the Bergamo plant. UV technology begins and polyurethane lacquers are perfected.


New plant in Venice

New production requirements linked to sales development lead to the strategic decision to build a new factory in the heart of the Italian furniture industry in the Triveneto area.


Certified Company

ICRO Coatings obtains ISO 9002 certification and is the first Italian company in the wood coatings sector to be certified.


Vernice Sì

The great commitment to the development of environmentally friendly technologies is reflected in the introduction of the Vernice Sì brand for water-based and high solids products with low emissions.


Fifty years!

A second factory to serve customers is built in Chignolo d’Isola in the province of Bergamo.


ICRO expands in the Iberian Peninsula

The Spanish company Fepyr is acquired and two offices are opened in Valencia and Portugal. In the occasion of 60 years of activity ICRO takes over the new and current logo.


Seventy years!

Not only wood: the ICROTECH division is created specifically for all industrial painting requirements with metal coatings and varnishes for plastics and composites.
At the same time ICRO develops ICROMIX a complete tinting system to produce high-performance enamels for various substrates. A real color centre that allows ICRO and its partners to offer the outstanding made in Italy production to different markets.



With all the technology of ICRO industrial products, the brand dedicated to retail was born, Mr.Didonè.
In 2019, after about two years, the development of Bio coatings is completed: waterborne and polyurethane coatings formulated in the name of sustainability.


Towards the future

Even after more than 70 years of activity, ICRO’s success continues to be based on a relationship of deep cooperation and mutual trust with its customers, built on high quality products, a flexible organization and a great and recognized professional reliability.

Sustainability and ethics

Innovation at the service of responsibility

We are committed every day to setting an example for the whole sector by adopting social responsibility practices and eco-sustainable solutions.