Wood varnishes

Wood varnishes

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We use all kinds of application technology to enhance wood

We use every type of application technology to enhance and protect wood. The special characteristics of wood and its unquestionable value deserve the care and attention of a line specifically dedicated to its painting, protection, varnishing and lacquering: ICROWOOD.

From single-component coatings for brush application to sophisticated UV coating lines with excimer lamps, the solutions offered by ICROWOOD allow for the application of various coating cycles, from the more traditional polyurethane, polyester, acrylic and UV curing, to water-based coating cycles for interiors and exteriors.

g_ink project in partnership with ALISEA SRL Benefit Society

Thanks to the partnership between ICRO COATINGS and ALISEA SRL, a certified B Corporation, it has been possible to develop paint cycles using a special unconventional material from the circular economy.

We are talking about graphite (upgraded recycled graphite), an unavoidable waste from H-tech industrial production, suitably modified and improved.

This is how the innovative g_ink painting cycles were born.