We help build a more sustainable future one brushstroke at a time

We promote greater eco-sustainability throughout the whole supply chain, thus making our contribution to reducing CO2 emissions and protecting the environment.

ICRO has developed several solutions to reduce oil content and solvent emissions through the use of bio-solvents, organic compounds and a range of paints with 100% solid residue.

Our commitment

For about thirty years ICRO has dedicated several production departments to the exclusive production of water-based coatings, from impregnating agents for outdoor use to UV-curing finishes.

After-burners are used to reduce production emissions, which convert emissions into energy. To power the departments, ICRO has implemented photovoltaic systems along the production perimeter to further reduce our environmental impact.

ICRO also contributes to the culture of the Province where the company was born, promoting Bergamo’s identity around the world and the value of opera as Donizetti Ambassador.