Maximum performance for every environment

For the furnishing of hotels, restaurants, theatres, offices and public places ICRO offers a complete range of water-based and solvent-based paints, able to satisfy any production requirement. For the realization of important furnishing projects, ICRO offers a wide range of effects to create unique surfaces: from special effects to ultra-matt finishes to natural effect paints.


Fireproof system for public environments

ICRO has developed ECL, a line of fire retardant coatings at the top of performance, to meet the needs of furniture in public environments, resulting in Euroclass B s1 d0. A complete line of varnishes and enamels, completely customizable.

Healthy environments with sanitizing coatings

When it comes to public environments we cannot help but pay particular attention to hygiene and the protection of surfaces from the various bacteria present on them. ICRO has developed the ACTIVE line of sanitizing coatings to counteract the onset of bacteria, dedicated to guaranteeing healthier surfaces in the home but above all for public environments.