SoftMatt Polyurethane Application

Interior water-based varnishes


Transparent Ultra Matt


SoftMatt polyurethane, anti-scratch, anti-glare, anti-stain, chemical resistance.

01 Surface


Solid wood or veneer. Sand with sandpaper grain 150 – 180.

02 Stain


Apply by spray or by spray plus “rag” to uniform the color, the wood stain ICRO STAINCOLORMIX TTSC2000 series, diluted with water.  The dye requires a drying time of 1 to 2 hours.

03 Base Coat

Base Coat

For an optimal filling of the wooden substrate apply 2 coats of polyurethane primer FPUR189T,catalyzed with hardener INLL0101 the primer requires a drying time of 12/24 hours.

04 Sanding


The sanding of the base coat must be done with 2 types of sandpaper:

  1. First step with 240 grit paper
  2. Second passage with 400 grit paper
05 Top Coat

Top Coat

After having well dusted the substrate apply a coat of 100/120 gr/m2 of SoftMatt polyurethane paint, code VPUR8300 catalyzed with hardener INUR03056. The drying of the paint takes 12/24 hours at room temperature or 8 hours with hot air at 40°C (air recirculation is important). The special characteristics of the water-based SoftMatt product are achieved 72 hours after application.

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