Regulation EU 2020/1149: Restriction #74 annex XVII of the regulation CE n.1907/2006 concerning the use and handling of the diisocyanates.

Since 24 August 2023 in Europe, it is permitted to use products containing diisocyanates for industrial and professional uses, with a concentration of free diisocyanates of no less than 0.1% by weight, only if each Employer along the supply chain guarantees by that date that users have successfully completed training on the safe use of diisocyanates before using the substances or mixtures.

ICRO COATINGS, according to its own aims of attention to people’s health and sustainability, starting from next August 1st, will place on the market on all its hardeners with a concentration of free diisocyanates less than 0.1%, avoiding mandatory training for the consumer.


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