ICRO sponsors Lola, kayaking 400 km along the Yukon

It lasted eight days, starting from Johnson Crossing, on the Teslin River, and ending in Big Salmon, on the Yukon River. Lola and her team, 10 people of various ages and from all over the world, ventured down the Yukon, camping each day at a different spot along the river, immersed in Canada’s wilderness.

ICRO sponsors Lola, kayaking 400 km along the Yukon

“For 10 days we never crossed paths with anyone else, lost in our paddling on the rivers, the first few days we even saw these big animals, bears and moose, which looked almost surreal in person! They popped up on the shore as we passed… or all the eagles, quite a few in fact, that we passed while paddling over our heads, and finally the beavers and the lotus dens scattered all along the way. Photos and words don’t hold up to the emotion they gave us.”

ICRO sponsors Lola, kayaking 400 km along the Yukon

A journey full of emotions and a lot of hard work, in the end Lola also brought home this feat, which ended successfully… for us at ICRO she is a continuous source of inspiration!

Indeed, Lola proved once again that the will to achieve a goal overcomes all the difficulties of an expedition such as the one to the Yukon, but also of life.

On our “journey towards sustainability”, we encounter very minor obstacles every day in the development of innovative products that aim to improve living conditions on the planet (“better life with innovation” is our slogan).

Places like those in the pictures of the venture with the kayaks also remind us of the value of our surroundings.

Proud to have been supporters of this adventure, we continue our journey into the world of paints!