ICRO: Supplier Code of conduct

ICRO firmly believes that sustainable procurement is an effective means of promoting responsible values and practices throughout the value chain in the production of industrial paints and varnishes for wood, metal and plastics. ICRO strives to build strong and long-lasting relationships and partnerships with its suppliers, promoting responsible behaviour throughout its supply chain: with a code it sets minimum standards regarding the sustainability norms and requirements demanded by ICRO COATINGS that all Suppliers must comply with for the entire duration of the business relationship between the Parties.

The decision to work only with Suppliers that comply with certain standards is essential to ensure the production of water-based and solvent-based varnishes with the highest performance and always more environmentally friendly.

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The ICRO COATINGS team is available through the CONTACT FORM or by sending an email to info@icro.it for any information about the whole range of wood coatings and metal coatings.