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ICROTECH is an industrial branch of ICROGROUP and was established with a clear mission: "TO EXCEL".
It provides highly performing paints and services which are designed to protect, coat and decorate. All of its products are certified and guaranteed by the ISO 9001-2008 quality system.
It offers a range of solvent-borne and VOCs solutions that are available in systematic and custom-made formats. It is a product that fully satisfies our customers’ needs in terms of: quality, quantity and economic performance.
As well as making industrial dyes and products, ICROTECH provides our specialist team with training, technical and technological support.

Commercial and Transportation Vehicles

These coatings offer protection to commercial and transport vehicles in tough weather conditions.

General Industry

To meet the needs of the most varied industrial field, we produce high-performance coatings that are resistant to corrosion, extreme temperature and weather conditions.


These coatings are specially produced for heavy duty and agricultural machinery, due to their high corrosion resistant formula.


These special paints and coatings are made for use in architecture and design, glass, plastic and packaging.

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