The colour of the year is… Very Peri 17-3938!

A shade of deep blue, tending towards violet, lit by a hint of red that is meant to convey positivity, tranquillity and creativity, in the hope of dreaming again. Inspired by change, the team of experts at the Pantone Color Institute has launched this new colour stimulus that will influence the choices made in the field of furnishing, from the choice of a piece of furniture to the wall of the living room and even the fashion world. Pantone has chosen a colour that lends itself to eccentric furnishings but at the same time with a sophisticated and never banal taste, certainly in tune with the creative flair of many architects and interior designers. The quality of the varnishes, therefore the resins and pigments used in the formulation, plays a fundamental role in creating a lacquered piece of furniture with such a deep and bright colour.

ICRO, thanks to a complete and versatile tinting system, provides colour manufacturers and furniture producers with high-performance water or solvent-based wood enamels, formulated with latest-generation resins and pigments, to create colours with full, bright tones, all to be customized according to the latest trends, just like the Pantone colour of the year: Very Peri 17-3938.

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