The wood varnish for boats and swimming pools

Wood is a porous material that has a tendency to absorb water and moisture and swell, potentially to the point of warping and cracking. However, since ancient times, wood has also been used in contexts in direct contact with water, such as in the case of boats and piers: how is this possible?

Some woods have a particular resistance to water, as in the case of teak: obtained from the Tectona plant, it is characterized from an aesthetic point of view by evident veins and intense dark shades, while in terms of physical properties it is water-repellent and resistant to salt. making it ideal for boating and other applications in direct contact with water, salty or not.

Another important aspect for the use of this material on boats, piers and swimming pools is its treatment with wood paints and other products such as impregnants and oils specially designed for these conditions of high intensity use, protecting this precious material and enhancing its beauty.

These products can be formulated specifically for teak, improving its natural properties, or for other types of wood used for outdoor furniture, which therefore are not in direct contact with water, but which are still exposed to the effects of humidity and saltiness.

In the first case, paints, impregnants and oils are designed with high extractive exotic woods in mind (such as teak) that are used to create pool edges, terraces and garden furniture.

Their formula protects and nourishes wood that is constantly exposed to water and sun, blocking the sun’s rays responsible for its deterioration and graying; at the same time, they increase the mechanical resistance of the material, protecting it from abrasion and trampling, making them ideal for decking boats and swimming pool edges.

As for nautical furnishings, it is possible to use wood, water or acrylic paints to protect the beauty of the prestigious furnishings of yachts and pleasure boats from humidity, salt and sunlight.

In particular, the characteristics that the equipment placed on board ships must have are codified by the MED (Marine Equipment Directives) promoted by the IMO (International Maritime Organization) to harmonize conformity assessments within the European Community; these equipment must therefore pass various tests, such as reaction to fire and opacity of the fumes, to receive the ‘Timoncino’, the symbol that certifies the achievement of the IMO-MED certification.

ICRO offers paints for wood and other specific products for boats, swimming pool edges, furniture and other objects in contact with water and sun, the result of our over 70 years of experience in the sector; in particular, for nautical furnishings we offer wood paints certified according to IMO-MED regulations.

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