Pigmented, white background and enamel customizable in any colors. Compatible with ICROMIX system.


Transparent Polyurethane System

  • Available in different degrees of opacity
  • Wall or ceiling use
01 Support


Solid wood or veneer. Sand with sandpaper.

02 Fund


Apply by spray or brush:

  • Apply 300g/sqm in two coats of FONDO ECL 1350;
  • Between the first and the second coat wait two hours, proceed with the second coat within the following two hours;
  • After four hours between the two coats provide sanding (P220);
03 Finishing


  • Apply 150g/sqm in a single coat of FINISHING ECL 1350 TOP
  • To apply the finish, wait 24 hours after the second coat and sand down (P220).

Following the application guidelines the substrate painted with ICRO ECL fire retardant paints is in accordance with the standard: EN 13501- part 1 fire classification of construction products and building elements (part 1: classification according to the results of fire tests).

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