ICRO sponsors a wonderful trip with Lola

Eleonora Delnevo, “Lola” to her friends, is a valuable source of inspiration for all of us, she is proof that nothing is impossible, that all difficulties can be overcome, with commitment, determination and passion.

Lola is a lover of various sports. In 2015, she was the victim of an accident that caused her to suffer a complete spinal cord injury, paralysing her from the torso down. The serious accident did not stop Lola. Instead of giving up, she faced her new reality with courage and resolve, continuing to practice various disciplines with even more determination and motivation. Her strength of will led her to climb important summits and participate in numerous exploits.

ICRO sponsors a wonderful trip with Lola

Only a year and a half after the accident, Lola, with only the help of her own arms and her climbing partners, climbed the “Zodiac”, the wall par excellence “el capitan” in Yosemite Valley, California (USA). At an altitude of 2,307 metres with a vertical wall of about 1,000 metres.

ICRO sponsors a wonderful trip with Lola

Her last venture was a few months ago, Lola crossed southern Patagonia with her handbike, from El Chaltén to Ushuaia, a journey of around 1,300 km through magical but impervious lands: “I realised that a journey that may seem very difficult for a disabled person is actually doable. It takes willpower, planning and a bit of luck”.

ICRO sponsors a wonderful trip with Lola

These are just two examples of the many challenges and trainings that Lola faces on a daily basis. A life lived to the full, always uphill and always higher!

I realised that disability does not stop me from pursuing my dreams. Now a new adventure is in the pipeline: ‘A canoe trip to the Yukon territory in Canada”.

On 20 May, Lola, with her strength and tenacity, will take us by kayak to the Yukon, here is her itinerary:

  • DAY 1 Whitehorse – Johnson’s Crossing: Travel by jeep from the town of Whitehorse to Johnson’s Crossing, 136 km to the southeast. Near this small town is the only approach point of the Alaska Highway with the Teslin River.
  • DAY 2 Johnson’s Crossing – 100 Mile Landing: Depart Teslin Lake to enter the Teslin River. about 40 km.
  • DAY 3 10: 100 Mile Landing – Boswell River: From 100 Mile Landing to Boswell River run 55 km into the wild moors of the Great North.
  • DAY 4 Boswell River – Masons Landing: the slow flow of the waters uncovers remnants of the gold rush and old ‘cabins’ (small wooden houses) used on the pilgrimage to the town of Dawson, or by the intrepid trappers who made their income from selling skins, 64 km.
  • DAY 5 Masons Landing – Hootalinqua: After 27 km from Masons Landing we arrive at Hootalinqua, the confluence of the Teslin River and the Yukon River. Hootalinqua in its Indian meaning means meeting of two rivers. This place was of particular importance for the stopovers of small boats that yielded goods to larger boats that continued to Dawson, 27 km.
  • DAY 6 Hootalinqua – Big Salmon: Tat’ len Heena, an Indian name that translated means Big Salmon, a small village founded by the first miners who entered the Yukon Valley in 1881. The place was previously an Indian fishing village. In 1898 a steamboat refuelling station for wood fuel was built by the Northwest Mounted Police, with an advanced telegraph station, 56 km.
  • DAY 7 Big Salmon – Little Salmon – Dawson City: Little Salmon is believed to be the oldest permanent Indian settlement in the upper Yukon River. In early native maps referring to trails and villages we find this place marked as Gluk Sae. The village is thought to have originally been located on the opposite bank of the Little Salmon River and was later moved due to an epidemic that wiped out its entire population in 1917, 60 km.
  • DAY 8 Dawson City: it was known as ‘the Paris of the North’, and was inhabited by 38,000 people; today, however, fewer than 1,000 people call this town home, and among them are still those who seek their fortune in the bowels of the earth. The city was built at the confluence of the Yukon and Klondike rivers during the 1896 gold rush. Arctic Circle only 240 km away.

This journey is a valuable lesson, yet another demonstration of how important it is to pursue a goal with tenacity and commitment, not to be discouraged, let alone stop in the face of difficulties. Eleonora has shown extraordinary resilience and determination in overcoming challenges, an extraordinary example for everyone: a clear and strong message in which the ICRO group firmly believes.

In addition to the immense esteem for Eleonora, it is important for ICRO to share and make this message tangible by supporting Lola in her wonderful adventure with Italgen.

Eleonora Delnevo has become an icon of inspiration for many, proving that determination and courage can turn adversity into opportunities for growth and success.