ICRO wins “Innovation” award at Interzum Forum Italy Award

ICRO is proud to be one of the 7 winners of the Interzum Forum Italy Award 2024, Innovation category, with the product g_ink (Upgraded Recycled Graphite).

g_ink, a water-based paint system created in partnership with Alisea Società Benefit.

ICRO wins “Innovation” award at Interzum Forum Italy Award

Alisea, through an engineering process that improves its characteristics, transforms graphite – recovered from the industrial processes of Hi-Tech companies and destined for disposal – into Upgraded Recycled Graphite. From this ingredient, ICRO has developed g_ink: an innovative formulation capable of drastically reducing environmental impact and increasing product performance.

ICRO wins “Innovation” award at Interzum Forum Italy Award

“Winner for the use of graphite, as a component together with environmentally sustainable ingredients, to produce a water-based dye for wood and metal surfaces”.

Combining Performance, Design and Sustainability is ICRO’s daily challenge.

ICRO’s sustainability “journey” continues:

  • In 2022, it was the first Italian company in the industry to publish its Carbon Footprint. ICRO has chosen the EN ISO 14040 (LCA) reference standard EN ISO 14067:2018 (Systematic approach), which indicates how to calculate the resulting Carbon Footprint for each product according to different parameters, certifying with CERTIQUALITY. Measurements that allow ICRO during product formulation to consider not only performance and cost but also environmental impact.
  • In 2023, the company invested in the plant in Cinto Caomaggiore, in the province of Venice, where it installed a photovoltaic system (already present at the Bergamo site) that allows considerable autonomy in terms of electricity.
  • Also in 2023, the ICRO laboratory developed more than a hundred new formulations of water-based or UV-curing coatings that meet the ‘carbon footprint’, CFP, criteria already appreciated by many customers.
  • In 2024, just last month, 700 Paulownia trees were planted close to the Veneta headquarters (among the 2.5 hectares of land owned by the group), a plant characterised by its remarkable CO2 absorption and rapid growth. The resulting wood has unique characteristics of lightness and durability.

ICRO ESG Journey continues…