SICAM, another record year!

The 14th edition ended with an expanded exhibition of 18,000 square meters, where in the four days of opening it welcomed 650 exhibitors, double the number from the first edition, with a record attendance of 9,000 companies for a total of more than 20,000 technicians and industry experts from 112 countries around the world.

SICAM confirms itself as an important international meeting occasion, a sign of a market in constant growth and evolution, not only in terms of products, but above all in terms of values and synergies.

To meet these needs, ICRO decided to communicate an increasingly design-oriented approach, where the product in the foreground was presented in an artistic and innovative way.

SICAM, another record year!

ICRO is presenting itself as a new face in the world of coatings, introducing a new range of water-based and UV curing coatings with excimer lamps.

“We had set ourselves the goal of surprising our customers with something new, outside the classic display schemes seen during the fairs, a new look to communicate that our paints and coatings represent an integral part in interior design choices. A message to our partners of a beautiful, innovative and sustainable future.”


Managing Director

SICAM, another record year!

During the days of Sicam ICRO organized two parallel events dedicated to its distributors and industrial customers:

Oct. 18 ICRO held an event at a prestigious winery during which new water-based and solvent-based UV coatings with excimer lamp curing technology, water-based UVs for roller and curtain-coat applications, and single-component topcoats were presented in detail by formulations and technicians.

Oct. 19 two important new marketing tools, the result of research and rationalization, were presented to offer the best of ICRO’s range of coatings:

  • the new “Performance book” product catalog, where all the wood, metal and plastic coatings developed by the group are enclosed in a handy A5
  • the new Parquet coatings catalog, a collection of wood floor coatings for professional use, dedicated to the most demanding parquet professionals.

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SICAM, another record year!

Thank you to all our partners, customers and distributors who made this event unique!