Our mission is to offer a complete range of innovative, technologically advanced and eco-compatible paint products. Thanks to the efforts of our R&D department and the synergy with the ICROTECH division, the industrial brand of the ICRO group dedicated to developing paints for bodywork, paints for the naval sector and industrial paints for metals and composites, ICRO has developed a new generation of two-component paints for doors and windows.

The new ICRO BiTECH coatings are a combination of style and technology, widely consolidated in the bodywork sector and finally at the service of wooden window and door manufacturers.

The ICRO BiTECH range of paints for wooden frames and paints for aluminum frames has passed the most severe resistance tests, confirming the performance of all ICRO COATINGS.

The novelty of BiTECH coatings consists in the formulation and use of new generation resins, combined with the new Hi-Tech catalyst; this technology makes it possible to make surfaces extremely resistant to cleaning liquids, sanitizing gels, creams and much more, improving their aesthetic appearance; they are also characterized by exceptional mechanical strength and quick drying, which allows for easy handling of the window frame.


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